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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


On my recent trip to Liverpool last week, I visited the Tate. I am a keen visitor to the Tate Modern in London, but had never actually visited the one in Liverpool, so it was nice to visit the gallery in different surroundings. We were visiting to mainly see Glam! The performance of style which ended on the 12th of May, but we did look around the rest of the Gallery exhibitions and I was impressed with the vast collection of works.
Glam! The performance of style is the first exhibition to explore glam style and sensibility in depth. The exhibition investigated the extravagant pop style which exploded across Britain during the years 1971-5. The exhibition looks at artistic developments in Britain, Europe and North America through the prism of glam, examining painting, sculpture, installation art, film, photography and performance. Themes of glamour, camp, exaggerated identity, androgyny, eroticism and dandyism is explored in the works of David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Allen Jones, Richard Hamilton and many more. I really enjoyed the exhibition, maybe if I had lived through the era I would understand the randomness of some of the works a lot more. But I was really interested in Richard Hamilton's work and seeing certain trends of beauty and fashion that have come back into fashion today.

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