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Wednesday, June 03, 2015


As I am naturally quite pale I’m always looking for new products to perk up my colour. I’m not a big self-tanner as I'm always scared of going orange, but when I do I seem to stick to gradual tanners or wash off formulas which are going to give me a natural colour. I also stick to brands I know like St Tropez, Make Believe, Soap & Glory and St Moriz. St Tropez have recently introduced a new innovation which is an In Shower Gradual Tan. When I first heard about it I was very excited to try something new as there isn't a similar product on the market. You use this product by washing in the shower as usual, then turning the shower off and applying St Tropez all over, remembering to wash your hands after applying. You leave this on for 3 minutes and then wash it off and towel dry yourself as normal.
The formula smells lovely, not like the normal overpowering biscuit scent. The product is thick and moisturising on the skin and foams up a little when you are wet. As the product goes on white you don't see an instant change in colour straight away and it doesn't transfer onto your towel which is good. I decided to take photos to see how well the gradual tan got on and to see if I could see any difference myself. As you can see from the photo I saw a difference the day after applying it for the first time. It is definitely a subtle gradual tan and one you have to build up over time. But after applying it for the second time I got a colour I was happy with. If you are looking for an instant tan or have a darker skin tone maybe this product isn't for you, but it has definitely become one of my new shower favourites. Hopefully they will bring out a medium/dark version in the future. It’s so convenient to use self-tan in the shower, it means there’s no mess, you don't smell horrible for hours and it’s quick enough to use every day. The tan provides 24 hour moisturisation, it’s streak-free and it hasn’t clung to any dry patches. It’s ideal to use if you're a first time tanner or to top-up your tan post-holiday. The formula contains Sweet Almond Oil which makes my body feel so soft after use, meaning I can skip moisturising after my shower if I don't have time. The only annoying thing about it is deciding how to spend the long, cold three minutes. St Tropez suggest to apply a hair mask or brush your teeth. I have read some very mixed reviews on the Boots website with people not happy with the gradual colour this product gave them. Other people have praised St Tropez stating they were sceptical before using it but were seriously impressed with the results.
Boots are currently exclusively selling this on their 3 for 2 deal so I picked one up for my mum and sister to try too. A bottle is priced at £14.50 which is St Tropez normally rate, but with the deal it works out around £9.50 which I think is a bargain! You get 200ml in a tube and I did feel I was using a lot at first but I didn't use as much product as a normal tan. I can see this tube lasting me a while. I have even had to send my friend a bottle who is currently teaching abroad as she was so excited to try it for herself. I posted this image on Instagram and there was a lot of talk and excitement surrounding it. I would definitely give it a go if you are naturally pale and looking for a golden glow ready for summer. It’s ideal for busy people and mums who just haven't got the time to stand around in tan! 
Will you be trying St Tropez's In Shower formula?
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  1. I'm currently searching for a gradual fake tan so thank you :)