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Wednesday, October 01, 2014


I mentioned in my everyday hair care post back in July that I was using the new Blonde Idol range from Redken. Now that I have nearly used up these hair care products, I thought I would review them properly in their own post. I have enjoyed using Redken products in the past, especially the All Soft and Extreme range, so when I saw this range for blonde hair was being released I knew I had to give it a go.
Redken knows that no two blondes are the same that’s why they have brought out two conditioners in the range, one for cool blondes and one for warmer tones. The new formula has the exclusive Kera-bright system which balances and brightens to guarantee no brassiness. The shampoo has to be my favourite out of the two, like other Redken shampoo’s their really moisturising and gentle. This daily cleansing shampoo is sulphate free and I tend to use this every other time I wash my hair. It leaves my hair super soft and brings my highlights out more than before use. I have read reviews saying the formula is not as good as Redken’s discontinued line Blonde Glam but my hair has preserved it’s colour between trips to the hairdressers. It lathers up nicely for a sulphate free shampoo and contains violet leaf extract and lactic acid which helps to strengthen and boost shine.
I chose the custom tone conditioner for cool blondes. The clever convention allows you to choose how strong or weak you want it by changing the dial weekly to adjust colour deposit. The dual chamber releases conditioner from one side and violet pigment from the other, to condition, strengthen and help preserve tone. I find the product itself lovely and I really like that you can adjust it yourself. But the packaging lets the conditioner down, the bottle doesn’t dispense enough product, so you have to press down quite a few times to release enough product for my long hair. It would also be nice to know how much product I have left, as I’m sure one side will run out before the other. I would buy this again for the product, but I hope they improve the packaging. The packaging also means you get far less conditioner (196ml) than shampoo (300ml).
They also have some other products in the Blonde Idol range which I haven’t tried, like the BBB spray which is a lightweight, leave in or rinse out conditioning spray, which helps to balance, beautify and brighten blondes. They also have a hair mask in the range which is a nourishing rinse out treatment. I will definitely have to give these a go after really enjoying the shampoo and conditioner, but they seem to be hard to get hold of in the UK. I ordered these haircare products online at HQHair, you can buy the duo for £21.35 here.
Have you tried Redken haircare?

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