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Thursday, October 30, 2014


I am a big Lush fan, especially during the festive months. I went a little mad on the Lush website and bought a lot of the new items this year that caught my eye and which I haven't tried. I'm much more of a bath person, but hopefully I've got enough items to last me up until Christmas and the Boxing Day sale. I thought I would share my views on the Halloween range and do a Christmas Lush Haul too in another blog post. This is probably the first time I have bought quite a few products for Halloween, but I'm very excited for the cute designs, scents and lots of glitter!
The first product I wanted to try was the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. Pre-warning you will have glitter everywhere after using this! But it's so cute and perfect to use with the run up to Halloween. I really like bubble bars as you can use them for quite a few baths instead of just one when using a bath bomb. This changes your bath water to a lovely, bright orange with glitter and so many bubbles. The scent is a blend of Juniperberry, Lime and Grapefruit oils. This is also quite nice to use before a night out, as it leaves glitter on your skin. I might have to pick up another one of these before they go!
Another bubble bar for Halloween is the Wizard. This is another shimmery product and I just love the scent! The scent is energised with Tangerine oil, Juniperberry and Fennel essential oils. It turns your bath water a vibrant purple shade which I love and I think I will get quite a few uses out of this one. He is quite a cute design and I love the star on his hat!
A bath bomb which I haven't tried before is the Lord Of Misrule bomb. I'm kicking myself for not trying this one before as the scent is just gorgeous! It's not a very exciting design with just a star imprinted on the top but when you throw this into your bath you find out that the outer layer is green but the inside is a rich wine shade. The scent is really spicy, it has a blend of Patchouli and Black Pepper oil, this also has a fun ingredient of Popping Candy in it. It makes your skin so soft and it's a shame this one isn't around for longer.
The last two products are more inspired by Bonfire Night and are called Northern Lights and  Sparkler and are both bath bombs. I love the unique design of these bath bombs, they're not round like your average bath bomb but more of a tube shape. Sparkler is a bright yellow, Rose Jam scented bomb which fizzes and crackles as it spins around your bath. It is definitely one to lift your mood. Northen Lights is a similar design but this time purple with tiny gold stars in the middle. I'm so impressed with the colours this made in my bath, the ends fizz away first and reveal a blue and green middle. This design is also great to split in half so you get more value than just one expensive bath. I'm also in love with the soothing scent of Jasmine and Ylang-ylang which is right up my street!
Lush have also brought out a few exclusive products from past years, which are available on their website. Lush have definitely upped their game for Halloween!
What are your Lush recommendations?

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