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Friday, May 06, 2016


I must admit I’m not a massive fan of nail wraps, I haven’t tried many brands but I have found them in the past to be a bit of a faff. I hadn’t heard of the brand Dinkibelle before but I think they may have changed my mind on nail wraps as I applied these with no problems at all. Dinkibelle started as a quest to find nail wraps which were durable, pretty and affordable after not finding any that currently worked on the market. The problem I have found in the past is that they don’t stick around on the nails and can damage your nails underneath.
I found these nail wraps so easy to apply, they didn’t bubble up or crease at all and I didn’t need many things to help me apply them. The pack contains 20 nail wraps all different sizes so you have one that will fit every nail. I used the five smallest ones, so have the bigger ones left. As these ones won’t fit my nails I can cut these to size, I’m not too sure about using them on my toes! I did my nails whilst watching the television and was pleasantly surprised how fast I could create my instant manicure.
I prepped my nails by removing any nail polish I already had on, buffing my nails slightly to give the wraps something to stick to. I was also advised to wash my hands in fairy up liquid to remove any natural oils from my hands and nails to also make the nail wraps stick better. You remove the clear cover from the wraps and lift the wrap using the silver tab. Apply to your nail and smooth out any creases, wrap around the nail and file off any excess in a downward motion. The nail wraps should last up to 14 days, mine lasted well and the good thing about them is no chips! You remove them with nail polish remover or peel them off gently.
The only downside I had was after I had filed off the remainder of the wrap the colour didn’t quite cover my whole nail, but for a first try I was really pleased with the finish. I applied Essie Gel Setter Top Coat on top of the wraps and was left with a shiny gel appearance and by adding the top coat this makes them last longer. But just a top tip a fast drying top coat damages the wraps, so don’t use one of those!
I chose the shade Purple Dream which contains a few geometric shades of purple to create a lovely deep colour on the nails. There are quite a few different designs you can choose from which are fashionable and wearable, some of my favourites include Pastel Princess and Naked Daisy designs. I like that there’s no mess or fuss and you can fit them in your bag and easily apply them on the go. The nail wraps are priced at £6.99 each, which I think is quite reasonable and the same price as a high street nail polish. Admittedly you don’t get the continual use of a nail polish but for a special occasion I think they’re worth it.
Dinkibelle have kindly offered to give away a pack of the Purple Dream nail wraps to one of my readers. If you want to be in a chance of winning them, just enter the Rafflecopter competition below! 
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