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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I recently went to London and visited the V&A to see the current Hollywood Costume exhibition. The exhibit included costume design from some of most well known movies in the Industry. Some of my favourites included Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz's red slippers and Audrey Hepburn's little black dress which was featured in Breakfast at Tiffany's. There are over 100 film costumes displayed in the exhibition and it is definitely worth a visit to see costumes from all genres of film. 
I couldn't take any photography inside the exhibition, but I liked these fun images on the Hollywood Costume gift shop windows displaying the 'Goodies' and 'Baddies' of the film world. The collection fills three galleries and is totally worth the price of a ticket. The exhibition was really busy, so it seems like it's been a hit with people of all ages, film lovers and fashionista's alike. There was something for everyone, from films which have been released this year like Keira Knightley's Anna Karenina to Titanic, Avatar and Die Hard.
The Exhibition is on until the 27th of January 2013 and you can buy the gorgeous coffee table book, which shows the costumes and the work that goes on behind them in further detail here. I would really recommend a trip!

Monday, November 26, 2012


The Revlon Lip Butter Sweet Boutique is back, for your chance to win head over to the Revlon UK Facebook page here. They are giving away 100x Lip Butters every day before 11pm until the 4th of December. With the chance to win a different shade every day, so you could complete your lip butter collection by entering. Today's shade is Peach Parfait, which is probably my favourite lip butter that I have tried so far. I have been very impressed by these Lip Butters and they are one of my favourite lip products of 2012. So if you haven't tried these already, get yourself over to the Facebook page to enter - just in time for Christmas. Good Luck! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


When I saw the Selfridges Lucky Bag advertised on their blog, I signed straight up to be alerted by email as I knew these wouldn't be around for long. After the success of their Beauty Box, (see my post here) I knew I wanted to get my hands on one of these as I enjoyed discovering and using new brands that I maybe wouldn't of picked up in-store, but I guess the contents of that box was guaranteed. With this lucky bag, you payed £15 for a random pick of 5 or more beauty products. There was a 1000 available on their website and a few of the bags contained a Beauty Workshop service card worth £150.
I have seen a lot of mixed reviews, but the bags are now sold out. The contents of my bag included, a mini Nails Inc nail polish, Anatomicals hand cream, Nail Art nail decorations, A pack of tissues, Beauty Junky strawberry face mask and anatomicals banana lip balm. I was fairly pleased with what I received, and thought it was an average bag from the other reviews I had seen. I was most excited about the Nail Art nail decorations as I had been looking at these in Topshop last week, which I thought was a bit of a coincident. I am also enjoying using the Anatomicals products, but I know you wouldn't think of Selfridges to stock such an affordable brand. 
I really like the concept of this Lucky Bag, I just wish that Selfridges had collaborated with brands that you imagine when you think of their Beauty Workshop. Maybe I have high expectations of Selfridges and was spoilt by their Beauty box, but I guess you get what you payed for. I believe a lot of people would of payed more for guaranteed high-end, quality sample products, as I think you can pick most of these products up from your local Boots. Maybe it would have been nice to find a sample size in your bag and then have the link to their website where you can buy the full-sized item. On their facebook page, Selfridges have stated that if your not happy with your Lucky Bag, you can return it for a full refund. I will be keeping mine as I feel I got my moneys worth, enjoyed the concept and liked taking the risk of what I might of received.
Did you order a Lucky Bag? What did you receive?  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I know this is not the most up to date Glossybox but I thought it would be a good idea to review the products I have used up in the box instead of just showing you what I received in my box that month. I am also doing my dissertation around the beauty box concept so it's helpful for me to view each section of the box and look back on it.
September's box was designed by Maggie Li a London based up-and-coming illustrator. I love the design and have since put it to good use on my desk and filled it with any jewellery that was just sitting around.
Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance - Fullsize 30ml, £25.00 - Ever since this product was released I wanted to test it, as I was so intrigued by the black liquid. I did wonder if the scent was going to be like some other sickly sweet Celebrity fragrances and not to my taste, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really like this fragrance, I don't know if I like it enough to buy the full-size for myself, but the sample went straight into my handbag and is on it's last legs as I write this. I think it's a great little innovation how the liquid comes out clear on your skin. 
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum - Fullsize 25ml, £127.00 - I'd heard a lot about this wonder product before using it, so I was expecting great things from it. Obviously, at the age of 21 I'm not the best person to test this product for results with fine lines and wrinkles. But I did see a visible difference in my skin's appearance and it has got me interested in discovering more affordable serums that I can use in my night time skincare routine.
Rodial 5 Minute Facial - Fullsize 50ml, £35.00 - This is my ideal product to receive in a Glossybox. I love any kind of pamper products and I found that with this mask. Again this product helps with ageing skin, but I loved the clay texture of this and felt this gave me similar results. I have seen a cheaper alternative which I'm tempted to try by Botanicals which is under £5 at the moment in Boots. 
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - 15ml £20.00 - I'm so glad I received this product as I had just run out of a tube I received in a past magazine. I've really enjoyed using this product , I feel it does brighten up your eye area and it is very soothing on the skin. I would definitely repurchase the full-size after my second tube runs out as the 7ml lasts me a fair few months, so I feel it's very good value for money.
Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream, Fullsize 50ml, £22.00 - This is another skincare item which I have fallen in love with and featured in one of my favourites posts. This moisturiser is for normal to combination skin and smells just like raspberries! I have enjoyed applying this every morning and I feel it helps to illuminate my skin and sooth any dry patches I may have. I would repurchase this as it is the first Vichy product I have tried and I am very impressed by the quality of this day cream.
Maghrabian Hair Oil, Fullsize 50ml, £13.00 - I love trying any kind of oil treatments on my hair, it is definitely a nice treat and leaves my hair feeling so soft and in the best state it could be in. It removes any frizz and protects the ends of your hair. I'm not so keen on the scent, I find it quite 'manly'. But it is a lovely intensive treatment for your hair. 
As you can see I pretty much loved every single product inside September's Glossybox. Which product did you enjoy the most? I was lucky enough to recently win the Glossybox Pinterest Competition in collaboration with DrJart! and received one of three lovely DrJart Boxes with four product from their new skincare range. I will be sure to update you on how I got on with those, but to view my winning Pinterest Board click here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today, Selfridges have launched a limited edition 'Lucky Bag' just in time for Christmas. This goody bag includes a lucky dip of a minimum of 5 beauty must-have samples. It is a great gift for any beauty lover or Selfridges innovators. A few of the bags also contain a Beauty Workshop service card worth £150. So it is a real bargain at just £15. With only 1,000 available, they won't be around for long. Like the Selfridges beauty box that was sold out so fast! See my post here
I love this concept, I really hope Selfridges keep bringing out new beauty innovations as they have been so popular and are a great way to promote the Beauty Workshop - which is a beauty heaven! I've just got my hands on one, get yours hereWill you be ordering one?

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