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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I get round to using a Lush bath bomb about once a week, so at the weekend I brought out a bath bomb I hadn’t tried before the Yoga Bomb which is a newish product and first released in the Oxford Street store. This bath product is bright orange in colour on the outside and is your basic round shape, nothing amazing from the outside. This bath bomb lasts a little longer than your average bath bomb, because of its name it slowly fizzes around your bath and takes about 20 minutes to melt completely and you are left with golden coloured water. After all the orange shade has filled your bath you discover a white, turquoise and purple layer underneath. The formula contains sandalwood oil to sooth the skin and I have to say my skin felt lovely and silky during and after my bath. The bomb is also packed with tonnes of gold glitter, so much I could actually see the sparkles on my skin afterwards, but I don’t mind that. The formula also contains oilbanum and ho wood which relaxes you as well as fragrance the whole room. I like the mix of the woody and floral scents, it’s the kind of fragrance I would wear in a perfume. It’s definitely a nice one to use if you know you’ve got a while to spend time in the bathroom or after you exercise to ease your muscles, it’s comforting as well as being uplifting at the same time. My inside layer didn’t seem to give off as much colour as the one demoed on the website, I think because there is so much orange, the other colours didn’t show up as much. I would definitely say this bath bomb is worth the price tag at £3.95 as it stays around for so long. It certainly looks like an average bath bomb from the outside, but sometimes it’s those kinds of products which are the best, I surely will be buying this one again!
I’m very excited about the release of the new Seasonal collection at Oxford Street last week, which will be rolling out to all stores from Friday. I’m off to London this weekend, so maybe will have to take a little trip to Lush and pick some new things up. 
What's your favourite product from the Christmas range? Have you tried Yoga Bomb yet?
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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Baie Botanique isn’t a brand I had heard of before but after my sister and her friends had raved about this product I had to try it for myself. Baie Botanique’s primary vision is to create a powerful botanical skin care range loaded with pure and natural ingredients with a high organic content. Not all of my skincare products are organic and natural but it’s nice to use products I know will be gentle on the skin, have high quality ingredients but still be affordable to my bank balance.
The Rose Renew Regenerating Anti-Ageing Serum claims to keep your skin looking younger naturally. It improves skin’s elasticity and structure by securing moisture in the skin. It softens, brightens and enhances your overall complexion. It also increases cell turnover and collagen production improving skin tone. It also combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. The formula is a lightweight gel which allows for easy application and sinks into the skin easily. My skin feels plump, hydrated, soft and smoothed after use. The serum is suitable for all skin types and is 70% organic.
This serum is packed full of great ingredients; Rosewater, Rose Absolute, Rosehip Seed Oil, 10% plant Based Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, Kojic Acid and Glycolic Acid. The rosewater in the serum acts as a toning effect, so it’s like a 2 in 1 product, but I would normally tone before using anyway. The Rose Renew line focuses on using the intense yet subtle power of Rose to deeply regenerate and bring about a healthy, glowing and radiant complexion. The hyaluronic acid helps boost the skin’s hydration levels. I'm a big fan of anything with hyaluronic acid in, my skin just drinks it up. The serum is vegan certified and cruelty free so you can use it and know no animal testing has been used. I like the pump bottle and it provides just enough product for my face in two pumps. I like to tap this into my face and neck and it definitely makes my moisturiser sink in better when using this serum. I'm most likely to use a serum in my night time skincare routine and it doesn't make my combination skin, greasy or oily at all. I have found that my pores look less noticeable and any redness goes down after using. I can't really comment about the anti-ageing aspect, but I guess we will see over time.
The brand also has a Rose Renew Face Cream which will be launching in October and a Face Wash launching in November. The next products in the range to follow early next year are a Eye Cream, a Face Mask, a Facial Oil and Cleansing Milk. I have to say, Rose is one of my favourite scents, so I can't get enough of the fragrance. But as you only need a small amount so I can see this bottle lasting me for a while. You can get 20% off this serum at Amazon with the code BAIEROSE. The product is already on offer, so it’s a great introductory price to the market. I really like the simple look of the packaging and can't wait to try something else from the range!
Will you be trying Baie Botanique?
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Sunday, September 13, 2015


I go through haircare products faster than any other product, so I thought I would dedicate this empties post to all things hair related. Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo and Nourish Conditioner, 250ml £6.49 each – I always stock up on hair products at Christmas once the gift sets go in the sale. These are great sized bottles and suitable for normal hair, but the formula is quite average so suitable for everyday. It does the job of cleaning my hair but I don't miss it when I don't use it.  The shampoo is suitable for dry hair which needs nourishment and improves manageability so it's easy to style. The conditioner repairs the hair with it's advanced formula that penetrates the hair fibre for stronger, healthier hair and helps prevent against split ends. Loreal Professionnel Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo and Masque, fullsize with conditioner £28.08 - I received these great sized samples in a Lookfantastic beauty box. I had not tried this range from Loreal before but I really enjoyed using them, especially the masque. This formila is designed to help improve the look and feel of damaged hair. It's enriched with Pro-Keratin and Incell and helps to leave hair feeling replenished and protected against external aggressors. I loved the scent of this range and would repurchase. Kerastase Reflection Bain Chroma Captive Colour Radiance Protecting Shampoo, 250ml £12.20 - This shampoo is designed especially for highlighted hair, I featured this shampoo in a past 'currently in my bathroom' post. My hairdresser recommended this product to me as I have gone darker at the roots but I still want my ends to look fresh and bright. The formula helps colour to last longer and helps bring back shine every time I use it. It smells great and my hair feels moisturised as well as cleansed, I would definitely repurchase this product. Kerastase Nutritive IrisomeBain Satin 1 and Lait Vital Nourishing Care Condtioner, full size duo £26.55 - Another shampoo and conditioner I received in a beauty box. This is my mum's go to haircare line now, she won't use anything else. This haircare line is suitable for normal or slightly dry hair and conditions and replenishes hair without weighing it down. It really makes your hair soft, the samples were a great size for travel and I would buy this full size duo again. Loreal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo, 250ml £6.55 - This product is perfect for blonde hair to keep it looking as fresh as the day you went to the salon. The formulation is a purple shampoo and works to brighten hair and tone the colour. I like to use this at least once a week, in rotation with other shampoo's. I always have some kind of purple shampoo on the go, I currently have another bottle open in my bathroom. It gets rid of any brassy tones and leaves my hair nice and shiny.Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb in a Bottle, 200ml £6.00 - I received this bottle in a Christmas set but I have used this styling product before. I used this product as a texturising spray, but it's suppose to be more of a styling up do spray to create instant texture and volume so it looks like you've back combed your hair. It makes your hair look thicker and lasts all night. It's so easy to use and creates so much volume that you don't need to use anything else. I also really like the packaging of this range. Loreal Elnett Satin Hairspray, 200ml £3.99 - I have been using this product for so long, I rarely use hairspray just mainly because I wear my hair down straight most of the time. Loreal Elnett is definitely the holy grail hairspray, another product my mum loves. This is an old limited edition Cheryl pink can, but it's still the same formula. It holds your style depending if your curling your hair or wearing it up. I like the scent, it's easy to brush out and it doesn't make my hair feel greasy. Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Primer, full-size 170ml £12.60 - I got this sample in a Redken set at Christmas and I was very excited to try this. I love the scent of this and it works as heat protection that you spray in before you blow dry your hair. This product is designed to reduce blow drying time and I definitely have seen a difference when I use this. It repairs the hair and is a must have product for healthy, salon perfect hair. Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray, 250ml £22.00 - I really like Philip Kingsley hair products at the moment. I think this sample size came in a Latest in Beauty box, but I would repurchase this myself. You can use this product as a leave in conditioner before you blow dry your hair. It protects hair from daily environmental wear, such as UV rays, as well as heat protecting and instantly boosts the overall condition. It's suitable for all hair types and ensures hair is soft, strong and radiant. Loreal Elnett Satin Heat Styling Volume Spray, 170ml £5.99 - Another product that took me a while to get through, I know there was quite a bit of hype surrounding it's release and we all wanted to know if it lived up to the standards of it's well known hairspray. The formula leaves your hair shiny and soft, as well as creating volume and calming down flyaways. This formula claims to lock in a voluminous style for up to 3 days, but I wash my hair too often to see if this actually works. 
What's your favourite haircare products recently?
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