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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I get round to using a Lush bath bomb about once a week, so at the weekend I brought out a bath bomb I hadn’t tried before the Yoga Bomb which is a newish product and first released in the Oxford Street store. This bath product is bright orange in colour on the outside and is your basic round shape, nothing amazing from the outside. This bath bomb lasts a little longer than your average bath bomb, because of its name it slowly fizzes around your bath and takes about 20 minutes to melt completely and you are left with golden coloured water. After all the orange shade has filled your bath you discover a white, turquoise and purple layer underneath. The formula contains sandalwood oil to sooth the skin and I have to say my skin felt lovely and silky during and after my bath. The bomb is also packed with tonnes of gold glitter, so much I could actually see the sparkles on my skin afterwards, but I don’t mind that. The formula also contains oilbanum and ho wood which relaxes you as well as fragrance the whole room. I like the mix of the woody and floral scents, it’s the kind of fragrance I would wear in a perfume. It’s definitely a nice one to use if you know you’ve got a while to spend time in the bathroom or after you exercise to ease your muscles, it’s comforting as well as being uplifting at the same time. My inside layer didn’t seem to give off as much colour as the one demoed on the website, I think because there is so much orange, the other colours didn’t show up as much. I would definitely say this bath bomb is worth the price tag at £3.95 as it stays around for so long. It certainly looks like an average bath bomb from the outside, but sometimes it’s those kinds of products which are the best, I surely will be buying this one again!
I’m very excited about the release of the new Seasonal collection at Oxford Street last week, which will be rolling out to all stores from Friday. I’m off to London this weekend, so maybe will have to take a little trip to Lush and pick some new things up. 
What's your favourite product from the Christmas range? Have you tried Yoga Bomb yet?
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