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Sunday, October 04, 2015


Real Techniques have to be my favourite high street make-up brush line on the market. I have tried pretty much every single one of their base line brushes and this year they released a more premium line called the Bold Metals collection. This range is a little pricier than their first range and the design of the brushes is higher end and better quality. The collection consists of seven brushes so far, I currently have five of them. The collection consists of face, eye and finishing brushes and the handles are coloured gold, rose gold and silver depending what use they have. The bristles are a lot softer than the original brushes, they’re weighted for control and comfort and the shape means they stay in place when you put them down instead of rolling off your dressing table.
The first brush I bought and my favourite from the range is the 301 Flat Contour Brush. This brush creates shadows and highlights on targeted areas of the face, I’m most likely to use this brush with a powder bronzer or highlight to create structure to the face. Also in the finishing range is the 300 Tapered Blush Brush. I like to use this brush with either cream or powder blushes on my cheeks.
I have all three eye brushes, my favourite one has to be the 200 Oval Shadow Brush. This brush is great to pack on the shadow, it’s full and round shaped which allows you to cover the whole lid in one sweep. I then blend into the crease with the 201 Pointed Crease Brush, which is a densely packed brush with tapered bristles and gets right into the outer corner of your eye to create so many smokey eye looks, I also like to bring this one underneath the eye for more definition. The final eye brush in the collection so far is the 202 Angled Liner Brush which is a slanted bristle brush that is great to use with eye liner to get close to the lash line but also could be used with eyebrow products.
There are also two face brushes which I am yet to purchase, but looking forward to adding them to my collection. The 100 Arched Powder Brush which is domed in shape and great to apply press or loose powders. There is also the 101 Triangle Foundation Brush which is unlike any brush from the original collection. The brush has large flat edges which are ideal to cover the face as well as getting in the hard to reach places like around the eyes and nose.

Have you tried the Bold Metals collection? What's your favourite brush?
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