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Thursday, October 08, 2015


Last week I managed to make a quick trip to Lush Oxford Street, I was quite restraint but picked up some brand new and a couple of older products that I hadn’t tried before.
So White Bath Bomb £3.65 – I can’t remember actually using this bath bomb before, but I know it is a popular one come Christmas time. It might look boring from the outside, it reminds me of a snowball, but I’ve heard it contains a pink centre. I know they did have a shower gel version of this scent but they haven’t brought that back this year. The scent is bergamot and rose which gives it a crisp apple scent
Peeping Santa Bubble Bar £3.95 – This is a brand new product for this year and it’s so cute! I would definitely use this in two pieces like a bubbleroon. The middle contains shea butter and cocoa butter and he has two dairy free chocolate drop eyes, as well as heart shaped confetti on his hat. I love the strawberry scent which also contains sweet bergamot and geranium oils. You crumble this under running water to create lots of bubbles as well as it making a red tint to the bath water. I will certainly be picking up more of these Santa’s.
Snow Angel Bath Melt £3.95 – Another Lush favourite which I can’t remember trying. This product is packed full of gold glitter and has a marzipan, rose and cassie absolute scent. I haven’t tried many bath melts before but I can imagine this one lasts a while floating on top of the bath. If you don’t like glitter everywhere, I guess this isn’t the one for you, but it’s adorable so I had to try it for myself. The Snow Angel dissolves into a blanket of white foam so It looks like snow on top of your bath. This formula is also really moisturising on the skin as it contains fair trade cocoa butter. You could certainly get a couple of baths out of this and a great one to use on dry skin that needs some love.
Yog Nog Bath Bomb £3.95 – This bath bomb smells amazing! I think this might be my new favourite and I haven’t even used it yet. It contains organic shea butter, clove bud oil, ylang ylang oil and soya milk powder and smells just like christmas, it’s spicy and creamy. If you like sweet toffee scents you’re going to like this, it turns the bath gold and has a touch of lustre.
Star Dust Bath Bomb £2.95Another one I’m excited about! This again is a new bath bomb and doesn’t look anything special from the outside. I love the vanilla scent with rosewood and bergamot oil. But inside are tiny multi-coloured confetti stars, which add something special.
Some of my favourites haven’t come back this year like the Melting Snowman and the Christmas Penguin, but I definitely need to pick up a few old time favourites like Cinders and the Golden Wonder bath bomb nearer to Christmas. I will have to demo and review my favourites from my haul separately. There are also a few gifts which have caught my eye for Christmas, especially the Butterbear Tin and the Christmas Wishes Tin which spins around and plays music.
What’s your favourite product from the Lush Christmas range?
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  1. your picture is so cute ! I love Lush and I am rather excited to get my hand on the Christmas and Halloween collection soon :)