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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I took these photos a couple of weeks ago of Harvey Nichols current store windows in Knightsbridge, London. I am currently writing my dissertation around Harvey Nichols, and their Visual Merchandising plays a big part in their marketing strategy. I feel the current visual merchandising is very conceptual and they have seemed to use basic materials to create an effective story. I really like the product placement, using beauty products and stationery next to shoes and bags. Also using materials like cardboard, paint and tissue with the contrast of real branches. The visual merchandising carried on in-store, with pause points and mannequins next to the escalators which maximise visual impact. Every element of the window displays have been carefully considered and the products very intentionally place to create a focal point. Harvey Nichols teams design, build and install their own windows and try to re-use materials to keep to a tight budget, rotating schemes to other branches of the store. What do you think of Harvey Nichols store windows?

Thursday, March 14, 2013


This is a late review of my Valentines Glossybox, I've had a good amount of time to use all the products now so I feel I can review them in a little bit more detail. I really love the packaging design of the themed box (which I will definitely use again) and also the heart-shaped lollipop was a cute little extra. The product information also includes a step by step guide on how to rock a bold lip, which was nice to see. I've just received my March Glossybox and I'm really impressed, so i'll be sure to share that one soon.
Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream, Full-size 50ml £25.00 - I hadn't heard a lot about this brand before opening my Glossybox, but I have seen them displayed in a Marks & Spencer's beauty hall. I was a bit confused whether this was a moisturiser for your face or body, but it is for your face. I love the scent of this product, it smells just like a victoria sponge cake. I must admit it was a bit scary putting something so strongly scented on my face at first, but it is very gentle and smoothed my skin instantly. The product also seems to contain a lot of natural ingredients. 
Model Co Eyeshadow Duo in Bronzed Goddess, Full-size trio £18.00 - Again this is another brand I hadn't really heard a lot about. This little product is perfect for on-the-go girls that need to take a day time look to evening. It has a very handy mirror and the shades are very wearable, great for a brown smokey eye! The consistency of the shadows are of high quality but there seemed to be some glitter fall out when I applied them.
Micabella Cosmetics Blush in Siera Suede, Full-size 9g £34.95 - I really like how natural mineral blushes look on the skin. Micabella's collection is made of 100% natural mica. The pigments can be used as eye shadow, lip stick, nail polish, mascara, bronzer and highlight. This may seem like a small sample but I know this product will last me for ages. I received the shade Siera Suede, which is a lovely peachy pink that I think would look great for the summer months when you don't want to be wearing heavy make-up. It is quite hard to get the product out of such a small container, but I usual pat some out onto the back of my hand. The full-size seems to be quite expensive though, so I'm not sure I'd repurchase.
Anatomicals Body Cleanser, Full-size 300ml £5.00 - I enjoyed using the Anatomicals body scrub we received in a past Glossybox, so it was nice to see another product from them. I don't really see their products as a luxury, but they are nice for everyday use. It has a lovely scent of Rose and Jasmine which you can even smell after washing the product off. It's quite a thick consistency, so lathers up really well in the shower. I was impressed with the size of the sample and this isn't even the full-size! I also love the bright packaging and the play on words in their product titles.
Helen E Cosmetics Raspberry Lipstick, Full-size 3.5g £8.00 - Another brand that was new to me this month. I'm not really a fan of the packaging, but the product itself is really creamy and pigmented on the lips. I got the shade 'Raspberry' which is a really nice pinky plum and very flattering on my skin tone. I think this shade goes along with the Valentine's theme very nicely!
It's lovely to discover new brands and products I wouldn't have maybe picked up if it wasn't for Glossybox. However, It would be nice to see what other beauty boxes have to offer. What did you think of the Valentine's Theme? Have you tried any other Beauty boxes like Birchbox?

Monday, March 11, 2013


On saturday I visited Covent Garden, in front of the Chanel boutique stood a beautiful flower stool, which featured some of the flowers essential to Chanel's signature fragrances; including May rose, Jasmine, Iris and Patchouli. The stool was set up for Mother's Day, fragrance experts were on hand to help you find the perfect present. Treatments were also available including, make-up consultations and manicures. Chanel were also giving away beautiful bouquets with every 100ml fragrance. Their pop-up boutique is now a permanent store at Covent Garden. Absolutely Stunning!
Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day.

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Cosmopolitan Beauty is a 180-page bookazine, great for any beauty addicts like me. I bought this special issue magazine a while ago nearing the end of last year. I had high expectations as there isn't really anything like it readably available on the UK market. The magazine is split into 5 sections; body, hair, make-up & manicure, skin care, and beauty school. It has some great beauty tips and recommendations to the 'it' products of the moment. One of my favourite articles in the magazine was the 'Sexy Eyes' one pictured above, which gave you a few ways of doing a smoky eyed look. I'm so impressed with the quality of the photography and the fact there aren't as many adverts as a lot of other magazines out there. The price of this magazine is £5.99, but I would be very willing to pay this amount if this magazine was to become a regular thing. It would be nice to see a quality magazine issue devoted to beauty in my local WHSmith every month or so. Have you read Cosmopolitan Beauty?

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Another empties post for you this month, I have really been enjoying using products up. I like to do my research on products before I buy them, so I'm rarely disappointed with the results of my spending. It seems this post contains lots of affordable hair care items that need to go back on my repurchase list...
V05 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir, 75ml £4.29 - I can't get enough of this product! You simply apply it before washing your hair and leave it on for up to one minute. On the side of the bottle there are indicators for how much to use, (up to 5 treatments.) This is great for dry/damaged hair as it reconstructs rebellious hair and you can notice the difference from first use. Would I repurchase? Yes, I need to stock up. 
The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner, 250ml £4.50 each - I bought this shampoo and conditioner mainly because of the scent, it smells good enough to eat! But after a few washes, I was really impressed with the condition of my hair. They left my blonde hair feeling silky and really helped to boost my highlights. Would I repurchase? I don't tend to buy many products from The Body Shop but I would definitely buy these again and maybe I will look into other hair products from them. 
Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner, Full size 384.5ml £5.99 - Another product bought because of the scent.This product contains coconut milk and whipped egg white proteins that help to add strength and elasticity to the hair. The product is thick and creamy, but it didn't leave my hair weighing down at all, which I was surprised about! Would I repurchase? Yes, I am currently using the shampoo and conditioner in my shower.
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter, 300ml £10.50 - This is one of my holy grail products, I always have a tub of this stashed away for days when my dry skin is crying out for attention. The product has the 'Original Pink' scent which everyone loves and it soaks into the skin like a dream. Would I repurchase? Yes, but I am currently using Smoothie Star Body Milk from Soap & Glory. 
Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub, Full size 300ml £7.00 - I received this product in a Christmas gift set. I hadn't really been bothered about this product before, again it has the same 'Original Pink' fragrance. But I loved using this little tub up, the product isn't as harsh as other scrubs in the range. The mini sizes are great for travel! Would I repurchase? Yes, I need to get my hands on a big tub of this.
Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head £21.00 - This product came with my Clarisonic Mia. I was impressed with this brush at the start, but after using the Deep pore brush head on my skin I have been converted to that one. But I do think this brush is great for starting out and getting your skin used to the Clarisonic. Would I repurchase? No, my skin is enjoying the Deep pore brush so I'm going to stick with that.
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, Full size 15ml £20.00 - I received these samples in a magazine and a Glossybox. This is probably the first eye cream I have enjoyed using in a long time. I loved using it within my skincare routine, it was really gentle on my skin and helped to sooth and brighten the area any time I had tired eyes. Would I repurchase? Yes, after I have used some of my other products in my stash I would definitely go back to this one.
Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Intensive Mask, 200ml £2.50 - This is a product I repurchase if it's on offer as I know my hair loves the stuff! Of course it has a yummy coconut scent, but this affordable treatment really helps dry/damaged hair transform into healthy, manageable hair especially at the tips! Would I repurchase? Yes.
Lush The Olive Branch Shower Gel, 100g £4.45 - This is also a product I received in a gift set, I don't think I would have purchased it myself separately. I did like the scent of this, it is quite a mature, mediterranean scent. But I didn't really get along with the consistency, it's quite a thin texture and you have to shake the bottle to mix it with the olive oil. Would I repurchase? No, but I want to check out other shower gels from Lush. 
Batiste Dry Shampoo Graffiti and Lace, 200ml £2.99 each - These products are old school necessities, I will always have a bottle of this lying around somewhere in my room. I must admit I do love the V05 version a little more, but you can't go wrong with a bottle of this on the go. I really like the lace one. Would I repurchase? Yes, so handy!
Naked Blonder Lightening Shampoo, 250ml £3.98 - I really enjoy Naked products, this is the first hair product I have used from them. I was impressed, I mean it's nothing outstanding, but I did notice a sun-kissed look to my highlighted hair. The scent is lovely and it's nice to know there are no nasties in the bottle. Would I repurchase? Yes...maybe, I am still using the conditioner up.
What have you been using up recently?

Friday, March 01, 2013


Whilst in London last week, I visited Somerset House to see Valentino: The Master of Couture exhibition. The exhibition celebrates the life and work of Valentino, showcasing over 130 hand-crafted designs worn by icons such as Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Gwyneth Paltrow. The exhibition is a unique experience and is split up into separate rooms. The first room features previously unseen personal photographs, couture invitations and images of Valentino at work and play from his personal archive. The garments are shown down a Catwalk where visitors take a journey through fashion from the 1950's to today. The garments are grouped in themes rather than chronologically, so it did get quite difficult to manoeuvre as it was quite busy and you had to keep walking back on yourself. After this we saw the wedding dress of Princess Marie-Chantal made with ten different kinds of lace and also different techniques that the Fashion house use. The exhibition has run from 29th November 2012 - 3rd March and was well worth seeing such gorgeous detail. If you didn't get to see the exhibition for yourself, view the virtual museum here

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