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Monday, February 06, 2017


It feels like we've just had Christmas, but Lush are straight onto their next seasonal range. The Valentine's range is bigger and better than before! I like to try new things so I didn't buy any of the products I have already tried from previous years, although I was tempted by the Unicorn Horn and Rose Bombshell.
I have never tried a wash card before, but this affordable Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card is a great way to try them out at £2 each. It's a different, fun way of washing yourself rather than just a normal shower gel. You can tear a section off and lather it up under the water or wash yourself as you normally would with the whole sheet. I think I prefer reusing the whole sheet as it seems to lather up more. The scent contains apple, lemon and lime so the fragrance is quite fruity. It also contains ylang-ylang so it's refreshing and uplifting in the bath or shower. This would be great for travelling as it would take up no room in your toiletries bag, I think you would have to use it all though as I wouldn't want to put it back into my bag soggy. I look forward to trying more of these out!
Another one of the products I was excited to use was the Cupid Bath Bomb, which is shaped like a cupid's arrow. This bath bomb contains calming rose, violet leaf absolute and bergamot which gives it a subtle sweet scent. This bath bomb melts slowly on top of your bath water and leaves a lovely petal pink hue. I think this is one of the most reasonably priced bath products from the range, I would definitely repurchase this one.
I have tried some other bath melts from Lush before, they are nice to add to a bath bomb or another product you are using in the bath to add some extra moisture. Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt is a little different as it comes in two parts which you can use together or separate and get the most out of two baths or more. The product contains ylang-ylang and rose oils so the scent is quite floral. The melt also has organic cocoa butter and almond oil so it softens the skin and conditions your body. I really like the colours of this one, the coral and magenta oils float on top of the bath.
The most fun design from the range is Love Struck Bubble Bar which is shaped as a heart eye emoji, so cute! I'm not sure of the scent on this one, the scent is filled with lemon and geranium but it's not my favourite. I love bubbles in my bath and you only need to crumble a small amount to create enough to be covered in them. I'm not sure I would repurchase this one, looking back at my Lush haul 2016, I need to repurchase the Rose Jam Bubbleroon!
The last item I picked up was the Over and Over Bath Bomb which reminds me of the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb (which I loved!) from the Christmas range or Roller Bath Bomb. These bath bombs are half normal bath bomb and half bath melt. This bath bomb contains cocoa butter, lime and fennel oil, so has a lovely sherbet, citrusy scent. This bath bomb has a surprise pink centre and I really like how the scent lingers around for a while after using.
Which product is your favourite from this years Valentine's range?

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