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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I have recently been really into using sheet masks, especially during the colder months. Sometimes your skin just need an instant hit of moisture. This is my first time using a Face Inc by Nails Inc Sheet Mask, I was a little surprised when I first saw these as I didn’t expect a skincare product from this sort of brand. These face masks have a unique selling point of using the idea of fun Snapchat like filters printed on them instead of just the usual plain white mask. There are four different variations of the mask; Cat Nap, Instant Detox, Flower Power and 40 Winks. I have used the Cat Nap Brightening Sheet Mask which revitalises normal to dry skin. This mask is enriched with Green Tea and Botanical Root Extracts to balance, restore, moisturise and cleanse. It also contains Chamomile, Propolis Wax & Rice Bran Extract to brighten, refresh and nourish the skin. This mask helps when you haven't had much sleep or your skin looks tired and needs an instant pick me up. Cat Nap is suitable if you've had a late night or a long day at work and just need to relax. The packaging says to leave it on for 15 minutes but I like to just leave it on for as long as possible until no moisture is left on the sheet. You gently massage any excess liquid into the skin. I also find that there is a lot of left over product inside the sachet which I also massage into my skin (trying to get my moneys worth). These Nails Inc masks are priced at £5.00 each which I guess is quite pricey when you think a Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is around the £1.00 mark. I found the Cat Nap mask moisturising but not as hydrating as some sheet masks I have tried. I also found the crease in the middle of the mask was hard to work with, where as with a tissue mask I can get most of the creases out and cover the majority of my skin. I did see a difference in my skin after using it, it looked refreshed and glowy. My skin felt soft and plumped after using. These would be great to use with your friends as you could have so much fun laughing and joking around in your masks taking photos. 
I like to use a face mask at the weekends as a treat and to help renew my skin ready for the week ahead. I like that more and more brands are making sheet masks accessible to the high street market, as it can be expensive for a one time use item. Nails Inc are a brand who are creative with their products and follow trends, so I wonder where they will take the brand next. I would be interested in trying out the other masks in the range, especially the Instant Detox mask as it contains Hyaluronic Acid. I have also seen that they do Glove Masks for your hands, which I think is a great idea and would be interested in trying the next time I'm in Boots. I also want to try the Boots Ingredients Sheet Face Masks next.
What's your favourite face mask?
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