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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


When I saw the Selfridges Lucky Bag advertised on their blog, I signed straight up to be alerted by email as I knew these wouldn't be around for long. After the success of their Beauty Box, (see my post here) I knew I wanted to get my hands on one of these as I enjoyed discovering and using new brands that I maybe wouldn't of picked up in-store, but I guess the contents of that box was guaranteed. With this lucky bag, you payed £15 for a random pick of 5 or more beauty products. There was a 1000 available on their website and a few of the bags contained a Beauty Workshop service card worth £150.
I have seen a lot of mixed reviews, but the bags are now sold out. The contents of my bag included, a mini Nails Inc nail polish, Anatomicals hand cream, Nail Art nail decorations, A pack of tissues, Beauty Junky strawberry face mask and anatomicals banana lip balm. I was fairly pleased with what I received, and thought it was an average bag from the other reviews I had seen. I was most excited about the Nail Art nail decorations as I had been looking at these in Topshop last week, which I thought was a bit of a coincident. I am also enjoying using the Anatomicals products, but I know you wouldn't think of Selfridges to stock such an affordable brand. 
I really like the concept of this Lucky Bag, I just wish that Selfridges had collaborated with brands that you imagine when you think of their Beauty Workshop. Maybe I have high expectations of Selfridges and was spoilt by their Beauty box, but I guess you get what you payed for. I believe a lot of people would of payed more for guaranteed high-end, quality sample products, as I think you can pick most of these products up from your local Boots. Maybe it would have been nice to find a sample size in your bag and then have the link to their website where you can buy the full-sized item. On their facebook page, Selfridges have stated that if your not happy with your Lucky Bag, you can return it for a full refund. I will be keeping mine as I feel I got my moneys worth, enjoyed the concept and liked taking the risk of what I might of received.
Did you order a Lucky Bag? What did you receive?  

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  1. Aw this looks really cool! That lip balm is so nice! xxx

    1. yeah I was happy with what I received :) yeah it smells lovely!x