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Sunday, March 09, 2014


At the bottom of my handbag you will find around 5 lip balms, lipsticks and general lip products. I never finish a lip balm before moving on to the next one, but I think I’ve found a high street alternative that may have to be a keeper. A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm is the most recent Soap and Glory product I have tried. The scent is just like the name ‘juicy peach’ it’s fruity and sweet. The shade is a gorgeous coral inside the pot but translates to a sheer pink which looks lovely on the lips. The lip balm also comes in different shades which are; sweet coconut, chocolate cherry and vanilla bean priced at £5.00.
I bought this while I had a £2 off voucher and thought why not give it a go. The balm is really moisturising, not sticky and the tint really enhances any every-day make-up look. I feel like this product really conditions the lips, it's formulated with mango butter and apricot butter to moisturise and lingonberry oil and pomegranate extract to boost repair. It really does melt onto your lips, for best results apply regularly. I love the packaging; the only downside is that a pot isn’t as hygienic as a stick of balm.
I really can’t fault Soap & Glory make-up; I haven’t found a product I haven’t liked. This product is a good drugstore dupe if you don’t want to spend £20 on a high-end lip balm. I really want to try the sweet coconut one next. Make-up is currently 3 for 2 at Boots.

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