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Saturday, April 04, 2015


I have been after the Lush Easter range for a while now, a bath bomb even made it to my Spring Beauty Wish List. I left it so last minute that the bath bomb I really wanted Hoppity Poppity wasn't in stock anymore when I popped into the store, although it's still available online. Never mind there's always next year (hopefully), but these are the product I did manage to get my hands on.
Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb, £2.95 each - This is an absolute Lush Easter classic. This pink egg shaped bath bomb has the same scent as the Snow Fairy shower gel you get at Christmas. I must admit I'm not the biggest fan of the sickly sweet Snow Fairy, but in a bath bomb form it's not as over powering and it's just so pretty not to put in my basket! I love that this one turns your bath water a gorgeous shade of pink and the candy floss scent lingers on your skin. The flower is also a cute touch, if you love sweet scents, you'll love this one. Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, £3.75 each - Another one of my favourites. Last year I couldn't get enough of this scent, I think it has to be my favourite scent from all the Easter range. The scent is a lovely honey, toffee, bergamot and sweet, wild orange oils which is just amazing! This bath bomb is covered in glitter, it turns your bath a lovely golden yellow shade and the glitter fills your tub. The bath bomb melt also contains cocoa butter so it's really moisturising on the skin as it just melts away in the bath. I would totally recommend this one, the only problem is cleaning your bath after all that glitter. Ultraviolet Bubble Bar, £4.75 each - A new one for Spring, I brought this one for the gorgeous purple colours. It was a bit pricier than the others but you could cut this up into so many uses. The bubbles it creates scent of violet leaf and jasmine absolutes, I've read reviews saying it reminds them of the parma violet scent. It creates so many bubbles that you don't need to use a lot of it. I do love a good bubble bar!  Secret Garden Bath Bomb, £2.95 each - Another bath bomb that came out for Spring and Mother's Day. This gorgeous floral pink and green bath bomb turns you bath those exact colours and then inside is a bouquet of flower petals which is just a beautiful surprise. The scent of this bath bomb is keeping on the floral theme of rose absolute. This one takes so long to dissolve, which I really like as you know you are getting your money's worth. I would definitely pick up this one again, the oils made my skin feel lovely and soft. Mother Superior Bubble Bar, £3.75 each - Mother Superior is a bubble bar I thought I had missed out on. As it was for Mother's Day, It's not available online anymore but there were a few instore. I love how cute this little bubble bar is, it's adorable - look at that face! It's made with Sicilian lemon and jamine oils, orange and mimoso, so it has a really nice citrus scent and created lots of light blue bubbles.
I just like to go around a Lush store and pick random things up which I haven't tried before. What are your Lush recommendations?
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