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Friday, April 19, 2013


As part of my University creative work, I have been looking at Visual Merchandising and how certain stores put different products in the window to entice customers through the doors. By placing products that work well together be it through colour, style or theme, customers can piece together a story and decide which products they can see fitting into their lifestyle. For the business this means they can maximise sales by a way of attracting custom and promoting their shop through product placement. In the above pictures, I have placed garments with cosmetics and accessories, as well as including prints and colour ways. These are all products that are sold in Harvey Nichols stores and I feel all three looks would work well together for Spring/Summer store windows. As I want the windows to be based on beauty, key cosmetics and accessories would be placed in the front of the window. This would create a focal point for the customer and the mannequins and clothing would be an extra accessory to display a story.

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