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Sunday, April 13, 2014


When I saw the new Orangeasm Range appear on the Boots website, I jumped in my car and headed straight to the Bath and Body aisles (I wish I was joking). Soap and Glory has always been my number one for body care. I have to say there isn't a Soap and Glory fragrance that I haven't liked, my favourite being Cream TeamI have recently become obsessed with Orange scented products, The Body Shop Satsuma range and Rituals Laughing Buddha range are some of my favourites.
Orangeasm Body Wash, 500ml £6.50 - The body wash is really skin softening and contains moisture boosting properties. It also contains Triple Tea antioxidant complex, Ginseng and Pinkpepperberry. I love the packaging it's so refreshing for a body wash to have a pump for just giving you the right amount. Also, the 500ml size of the bottle is really cost effective and lasts for ages.
Orangeasm Body Butter, 300ml £10.00 - The body butter actually looks like an orange in the pot. It contains shea butter, Mangomilk, green mandarin, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. The scent is really summery and fresh and it lingers on my skin and clothing for hours. I love to apply this straight after having a bath, the super rich formulation really sinks into the skin and moisturises stubborn areas. The texture really reminds me of The Righteous Butter.
I love the idea of layering up fragrances. I now have my eye on the Super Tonic Fragrance Spray which would complete my Orangeasm collection. It really is a scent to be excited about - especially by the name!
Will you be trying the new Soap and Glory scent?

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  1. Oooh this scent sounds right up my street, I love their original scent but I wasn't too keen on the lemon sugar one, I will definitely take a sniff the next time I pop in :)

    xxx Claire

  2. You made me smile with your opening sentence - I am exactly the same when it comes to anything S & G - have to have it ASAP! The new range sounds amazing and cant wait tog et my mitts on some this week :)
    Zoe xx

  3. i've been stuck with the same s&g scents and products for a while now but these look fab! maybe i might make a cheeky trip down to boots and purchase some!

    xoxo Sarah

  4. Cool packaging! Ilove bareMinerals foundation and their READY line :) x

  5. How have I just came across your blog?! I absolutely love it!!

  6. i recently joined your blog and love it..