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Sunday, March 22, 2015


Over the colder months the weather causes my skin to become drier, duller and higher maintenance. Skin and hair should be taken care of according to the season. When Winter comes, the cold weather outside destroys the lipid layer that protects the skin against dryness. As we transition into Spring I like to carry on with this routine to help my skin prepare for the Summer months. I still like to exfoliate in the Winter months to pep up my skin and always moisturise my feet and hands before I go to sleep. There are a few products I like to use to ensure my skin keeps in it's best shape as we step into Spring.
Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Smoothing Body Cream, 300ml £10.50 – My favourite bath and body brand has to be Soap & Glory. I have tried all the different scents and haven't found one I didn't like. The fruitigo fragrance is more of a summery, fruity scent but I can't get enough of the fragrance. The formula is thick, moisturising and hydrating and it sinks into the skin really nicely. You can smell the scent for hours after applying. This scent is lovely as we are coming into Spring, as it's so fresh and gorgeous. I will always repurchase one of the Soap & Glory body butters as you can't go wrong for the price. You definitely get your moneys worth as a pot lasts a long time and I use it all over my body.
Soap & Glory Sit Tight Saddlebags+, 85ml £16.50 – This is a great product to use after the gym. You can use it on targeted areas like the tops of the arms and legs. This serum is formulated to help visibly firm and tighten skin, smooth stubborn areas, rehydrate and reduce skin roughness. The product is really easy to use, you squeeze the product out on to the roller and massage gently over the skin. You let the product absorb into the skin and you can feel a little tingle sensation which makes me feel like something is working. If I use the product regularly I notice that my skin tightens and tones a little in certain areas. I have written a full blog post about this product here.
Nip & Fab Bust Fix Plumping Treatment, 100ml £16.29 – I have been using this product for quite a while now, it’s not something I use every day, but I do notice a difference when I do use it. The formula is a light serum which visually plumps, smoothes and firms skin around the chest area. It is quite pricey for a high street cream but they always have deals on in Boots. As you are only using this in one area, this tube has lasted me so long that they have changed the packaging. This works great on stretch marks, the only downside is that it doesn't have a lovely scent. It absorbs nicely and leaves no residue. 
This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm, 75ml £16.00 – I like to use a balm product on areas I feel need a little more moisturising, my feet probably need the most attention. This balm is a really thick texture that helps to prevent and repair cracked heels and dry feet. The formula is made with cotton thistle extract, refreshing lemon oil and soothing lavender, which makes for a really relaxing scent. It absorbs really easily into the skin and makes my feet feel so much better if I’ve had a long day. I must admit I probably wouldn't repurchase it at £16.00, I'm a big fan of the Soap & Glory Heels Genius which is a third of the price at £5.50 and you probably get similar results.
Origins Make a Difference Hand Treatment, full-size 75ml £19.00 – I have raved about this hand treatment before, it’s probably the best hand cream I've tried. It’s not sticky or greasy like other creams. You only need to apply a little amount onto your hands and the scent is lovely. It’s great on dry areas and I also like to rub it into my cuticles. The formulation is thick and creamy and it really helps to moisturise and protect my hands. It is quite pricey for a hand cream but I like to pick up these smaller sized tubes in Christmas gift sets.
Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum, 15ml £12.00 – I like to use this product before giving myself a pedicure, It’s a really lightweight cream. I received this product in one of my beauty boxes and had never heard of this brand before. It helps to strengthen, protect and hydrate nails and cuticles. I like that the bottle comes with an easy to use pump and it's small enough to use on the go.
What are your Bodycare recommendations which you have been using recently?
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