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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


At the end of last year I went to Florence, Italy. Whilst I was there I visited the Salvatore Ferragamo Store and Museum. The major exhibition that was on in the museum at the time was all about Marilyn Monroe's life, half a century after her death. It was great to see a lot of Marilyn's most famous worn garments up close. As well as a lot of her shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo being her favourite brand. The museum is relatively small, but there was lots to see in all sorts of different medias including, photography, video, clothing and memorabilia, etc. I enjoyed learning a lot more about her life and the people around her, including the fashions of her time. It was definitely worth the entrance fee and one of the stand out memories of the trip. The exhibition has been extended until April 1st 2013, so it was obviously a hit with many people!

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  1. Wow it looks amazing, I wish it was extended until June!! I think that's when we are going. xxx