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Friday, October 03, 2014


I have been wanting to try one of these Superprimers since they first came out. I am a big primer user and will try anything that claims to help keep my make-up on for longer, my oily skin needs it. Clinique have six different shades of colour correctors in the range. The one that I chose was for Dullness but you can also get Superprimers for Discolourations, Dullness for Deeper Skin, Redness, Swallowness and a Universal shade. The primers are all priced at £20.00, but I spotted this at Bicester CCO for £14.00 which swayed me to try it. The formula itself is lightweight, oil free and preps skin for foundation. The primer feels just like the texture of the Benefit POREfessional, silky, smoothing and absorbs straight into the skin. The Dullness primer is suitable for all skin types and colour corrects the skin making it look brighter, I’m into anything that can make my skin glow and I think out of the six primers this is the most suited to me and my skin. The primer comes out a pale pink tone but after evening out your skin tone, you can’t see it on the skin. This evens out pores, fine lines and blurs imperfections. I would say that this product does make my make-up stick around for longer. After a full day at work my make-up is still in place, I wish I could say the same after going to the gym in the evenings. If I was to go out in the evening I would touch up my make-up. Overall, The primers are fragrance free, silicone based which leaves a velvety touch to the skin and echances radiance but at the same time leaves a matte finish. But it’s not going to do the job of a concealer so you won’t be missing out any make-up steps by using this. A little goes a long way and I like that you get 30ml the same size as a standard foundation. I have even been enjoying mixing this with my foundation first to create more of a natural finish, definitely worth a try!
What are your Clinique make-up recommendations?

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