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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Another Christmas present I received last month was my first slice of Jo Malone. I have never brought anything for myself from the brand but have lusted over the candles and fragrances for some time now. There are so many scents I could have picked for myself, but my Mum knew my love for Ginger and chose the Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Home Candle. I don’t think she could have picked a more perfect scent. The fragrance is a combination of Amber and Black Orchid with Black Cardamom, Ginger and Water Lily. I love that the intense fragrances come as a black candle in a black jar, I think this makes the product feel even more of a luxury. My candle also came with matching black matchsticks which I will be using sparingly! I absolutely love how my candle was packaged, at Jo Malone it’s all about the shopping experience. My candle was wrapped in a luxury box, with tissue paper sprayed with the matching fragrance and finished with a red bow and then packaged into the iconic bag tied with a bow again, so nice to open up as a gift! I also love how at Jo Malone they promote fragrance combining, so you can light your candles seprately or combine with other fragrances to create the scent surround experience.
The Home Candle Intense is £8.00 more than the normal version which is £40.00, which is quite pricey but I think it’s worth every penny. The burn time on the home sized candle is 45 hours, so you are getting your moneys worth. The top note of the scent is Black Cardamom, the heart note is Black Orchid and the base note is Kyara Incense. I think this is the perfect scent to burn in the winter, it's dark, musky and spicy but I don't find it too strong or overpowering. It fills the whole room and creates a lovely atmosphere of an evening. It's a shame this fragrance doesn't come in the smaller sized cologne as I would buy the matching fragrance. As this is my first and only Jo Malone candle, I will be keeping this for special occasions and pamper evenings. The scent also comes in a moisturising dry body oil which I can imagine is to die for! The new My Wanderlust Collection by Charlotte Stockdale looks amazing and the packaging is gorgeous, I will have to head down to my nearest store for a sniff!
What are your Jo Malone recommendations?
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