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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Benefit have had a few new releases lately, they're always coming up with innovative products and there is always a massive hype surrounding them. Puff Off is their latest skincare product to hit the line. Benefit’s Puff Off is an eye cooling gel which I have added to my morning skincare routine. I really like using It's Potent eye cream in the evenings, so this product is nice to use first thing in the mornings and I like to use this daily. Benefit are known for their gimmicky packaging and this eye gel doesn't have the usual rollerball dispenser like other products on the market. Instead the applicator is shaped like an iron, where the product comes out of. I squeeze a small amount up on to the cooling part and swipe it underneath my eyes after moisturising to hydrate and refresh my under eyes. I like how it actually irons out any creases or puffiness I might have around my eyes and it’s a nice base primer to then apply concealer. I find it sinks in well, feels silky smooth and a little goes a long way. I find my concealer goes on a bit nicer and doesn't collect in any fine lines. I really like the cooling part as it awakens my skin, so perfect to use on early morning. I will have to try putting it in the fridge for seriously tired days. It actually works on bare skin or over the top of make up, you just pat over any leftover product that is sitting on top of the skin. If I don't use enough product I find the metal tip seems to get stuck and drags my skin along with I don't like. The light pink gel hides any dark areas I might have and makes me feel more alert. I really like the packaging and find the iron tip design so cute! I think this tube is going to last a while as you don’t need much of the product. The formulation smells really lovely too.
This product has only just been released but there has been so much hype about it. I find the metal nozzle is the perfect shape to fit under the eyes. I think this is a great product aimed for late teens and 20 something’s looking for something to pep up their skin, but I think if you're looking for an anti-ageing product this isn't the one. I find it to be really lightweight and gentle on my skin. I do think Benefit have done a good job on this product, I definitely think they needed to up their game on the skincare front. Puff Off is priced at £22.50, which I don’t think is too bad for 10ml of product. Maybe it would be nice to see a concealer version next…
What are your favourite Benefit products?
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