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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Before this purchase I only owned three Mac lipsticks, two limited editions from past collections and the classic Hue that was most popular a couple of years ago. I know they're probably the most popular lipsticks to collect but every time I go into Mac I get a tiny bit overwhelmed by the selection. I recently brought the shades Patisserie and Syrup after being tempted by seeing Fleur's vlog where she had been given recommendations from Lily Pebbles. After googling swatches I also thought these colours would be great to go with my skin tone and hair colour. Lovely pink nudes to add to my small collection, so I made an impulse purchase on the Mac online shop. I was also surprised by the £15.50 price point, this has definitely gone up since I first brought one. They’re heading up to the higher price point rather than the mid-range brand they used to be, so were even more of a treat!
I have swatched both shades below on my lips, Patisserie on the left and Syrup on the right. Patisserie is a sheer creamy, neutral pink which is a lovely every day, your lips but better shade. Both the lipsticks I got are Lustre finishes, which is probably my favourite kind of Mac lipstick. They go on sheer, but you can build up the pigmentation and I really like the glossy look I'm left with. I find them moisturising and they don't collect onto any dry areas. Syrup is described as a cloudy pink and is again a Lustre formulation. The lipstick is more pigmented than Patisserie and is more of a purple nude. This is the one I was most excited about! I love the smell of new Mac lipsticks. I also really like the packaging, black and silver bullets with the satisfying click lids. I don't find them to be really long lasting on my lips, after eating or drinking I will more liking reapply. I can see myself using these colours quite a lot as they’re really wearable for every day. Much more wearable than the shades I already own, so I’m sure these will become firm favourites and I will definitely have them in my handbag to reapply throughout the day. After adding two more lipsticks to my collection, I can see myself growing my small collection even more.
What are your Mac lipstick recommendations? 
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  1. You chose two really love shades :) I have to agree the price has definitely gone up I remember them being like £10 a few years ago, Patisserie and Syrup are two of my favourite shades :) I really love Creme Cup, Rebel and Velvet Teddy :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  2. lovely shades :)