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Sunday, August 24, 2014


I have to admit, I'm not your average winged eyeliner girl. I spent my teens wearing eyeliner underneath my eyes, but finally out grew that for every day and now I'm more likely to apply it on my top lash line without the flick. I'm not a pro at applying the product, the problem with eyeliner is if you go wrong you have to wipe it off and start again, I haven't go time for that. My favourite type of eyeliner to use most recently has been liquid formulas, reaching for the Dior Art Pen Felt-Tip Eyeliner or Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner as I know these are quick and easy to use and have an intense black pigmentation.
After the success of Benefit's They're Real Mascara, the brand have brought out a gel liner pen called They're Real Push-Up Liner to sit next to the best selling product. I am a big fan of the mascara so after hearing good reviews about the new eyeliner I decided to try it for myself. The eyeliner claims to hug the lash line, make eyes look visibly larger, be long wearing and most impressive of all be waterproof. As I have quite hooded eyes, I like to apply my eyeliner as close to my natural line as possible. I found this eyeliner quite hard to get used to at first, you twist the pen up to push up the product, but be careful not to twist it too much as too much product can leave you with a crumbly mess and the product just falls off, wasted. Having said that, the clever Accuflex tip allows you to move the pen easily around the lash line and the colour is really matte black. Once the product is set, it's not going anywhere, it doesn't smudge and I have even been swimming wearing this. It's hard to know how much product you have left, or how long the pens going to last, but I'm getting better at using this every time I apply it. Just make sure you wipe off any excess from previous use. This product is priced at £18.50 which I think is great if your confident at applying eyeliner, but you can purchase a mini version if you want to try it first.
Benefit have also introduced to their range They're Real Remover which lifts away long wearing and waterproof mascara and eyeliner. As we know the mascara is quite hard to remove and so is the eyeliner, which is good if we want our make-up to last all day. When it's time to remove it, this creamy gel formula is gentle and dissolves make-up around the delicate eye area. I like to use this on my eyes with a cotton pad before going in with a cleanser and it allows the bulk of my make-up to be removed without the panda eyes. The formula feels light and silky and my skin is left feeling soft and clean, with no trace of mascara or eyeliner. At £14.50 for 50ml I will definitely be repurchasing as a little goes a long way.
Have you tried the They're Real range?

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