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Tuesday, August 05, 2014


I am a big fan of Soap and Glory as a brand. I have tried many products from their Bath & Body and Cosmetics line, but not so many from their skincare range. I do love their Off Your Face Face Wipes and The Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser though. Soap and Glory have recently redesigned the packaging of their skincare line, bringing in new products and discontinuing older ones.
 The Drama Clean 5 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water is the newest product in the ever growing Soap & Glory range. Micellar water’s seem to be the newest product hitting brands since the success of Bioderma. As well as bioderma, I have also used Loreal's, Ren's and Garnier’s offerings. I like to use them to take off the bulk of my makeup with a cotton pad before cleansing properly. They can be used on the face, eyes and lips and are so gentle, cooling and effective, removing make-up, dirt and impurities.
The Soap and Glory formula is oil free, non-drying and leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth. All of these waters pretty much do exactly the same thing but the cute pink packaging is a winner for me, although I don’t feel it fits in with the new sleek packaging and reminds me of what it used to look like. The formulation contains vitamin A and C, rich peach and goji berry extracts, cool cucumber water juice, botanical cornflower extract, aloe vera leaf juice and is suitable for all skin types.
The scent is nice and fruity, but still subtle and not overpowering like the Peaches & Clean Cleanser from the brand. This hasn't stung my eyes or broken me out at all, and I have enjoyed using this as part of my skincare routine. I am faithful to my Bioderma micelle solution, but if I did run out and didn't want to order online, I would definitely choose this from the drugstore picks. A 200ml bottle is priced at £6.00, which is a little cheaper than the Bioderma version.
Will you be picking this up?

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