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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Back in October I made a huge order on the Lush website when all of their Halloween/Christmas Seasonal stock became available, see my Halloween haul hereI decided to try some of the new items from this year which I haven’t tried before. There were quite a few new products which caught my eye this year, in different shapes and scents, which was nice to see as I’m such a big lush fan.
Bath Bombs have to be my favourite Lush products, so Dashing Santa and Butterbear went straight into my basket. Dashing Santa is shaped like Santa and his presents which is designed to move across the water when you place him into your bath. This one smells of satsumas and citrus and it left the water red with gold shimmers which made me feel really Christmassy. The Butterbear bath bomb is just so cute! This has the same vanilla fragrance as the butterball, just in a new teddy bear design. This bath bomb doesn’t give the bath much colour but it has Cocoa Butter in it which is so moisturising on the skin. This is one of the more affordable bath bomb and I would definitely buy it again as I can’t resist the bear shape.
A product I wasn’t too sure of was the Snowman Fun Kit just because I haven’t tried the concept before. I was really surprised of how much I enjoyed using it and have created one snowman so far, you can see him on my instagram here. Hopefully by the end of Christmas I will have a whole snowman family. I’m not sure I would find it as fun if I just had one colour of Fun though. But I really like how you can use it in a number of different ways as shampoo as well as soap. It’s moisturising on the skin and smells great! I’m sure kids would love this, it’s also a great stocking filler.
Another fun product which I have been trying out is the Snowman Shower Jelly. I have tried a shower jelly before after receiving it in a Christmas gift. It wouldn’t of been a product I would normally pick up, but I really enjoyed having something fun to use other than the usual shower gel. I’m really in to its blackcurrant scent and it lingers on my skin for a while after showering. It is a little tricky to keep hold of him during shower time, but I like to break a piece off to avoid any wastage. It does lather up really well though and makes my skin soft and clean.
I also picked up a few bubble bars, I went for Holly Golightly and The Christmas Hedgehog. Holly Golightly is massive and could be broken up into so many pieces to use in separate baths. It’s a shame mine got broken a little in delivery, but it still is lovely to look at. This bubble bar is super glittery on the outside and bright green on the inside. It turns your bath water green and makes so many bubbles, you really get value for money with this one. I’m not quite sure of the Christmas hedgehog, the scent isn’t really my thing. He still makes my skin super smooth, but he doesn’t crumble as easy as other bubble bars do. It is a shame as he is rather cute!
I'm really looking forward to repurchasing a few of my favourite products in the Lush Boxing Day Sales. Have you picked up anything from the Christmas Lush collection?

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  1. I adore the Butterbear and I love Snow Fairy as well. Can't wait for their Christmas sale.

    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow