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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Mitonia is not a company that I had heard of before, but when I started doing my research I was excited to try them out for myself. Mitonia is a new company, devoted to cosmetics and perfumes and has a number of brands they have selected for their consumer. Mitonia is the distribution link between the brand and the consumer, taking into account trends and what the consumer has to say. Beaute Mediterranea is one of the brands and the only brand products I have tried from Mitonia. Beaute Mediterranea is a Spanish laboratory led skincare brand which products are formulated with active ingredients to get the best out of your skin. The brand has paraben-free cosmetics and are new to the UK market.
 I picked out some products based on my oily skin tone, the Regenerative line seemed to be most suited to me. I was really excited to try the Beaute Mediterranea Micellar Cleansing Water (200ml £20.00). I am a big fan of Bioderma and use a micellar water as my first cleanse before I go in with a full cleanser most evenings. I’m always looking for an alternative and trying what else is out there in the market. The cleansing water is formulated with marigold and elder floral water and snail secretion extract, which leaves the face free from impurities and can be used in the morning as well as the evening. The snail secretion part put be off a little, but I know it is used in quite a few beauty products for its collagen, glycolic acid properties and other compounds that regenerate skin cells. I’m really enjoying using this product so far, I normally just use it in the evenings before my evening cleanse and just put a small amount on a cotton wool pad and sweep it over my face. The micellar water gets rid of most of my make-up and feels refreshing on my skin. The cleansing water seems to make my skin look a lot clearer, as well as calming down any redness I have. I like the floral scent, but it's not too overpowering on my skin.
The other product I got to try out was the Beaute Mediterranea Snail Cream (50ml £34.00).  This cream is formulated with organic certified snail slime extract rich in allantoin, collagen, elastin and other micronutrients to help moisturise, soothe and attenuate skin blemishes. It combines aloe vera and marigold extracts with UV filters that ensure an active skincare. I also apply this one in the evenings after cleansing my skin and gently massage in it until it’s all absorbed. I like that it comes in a pump bottle as it dispenses just enough product for my face. I find this cream to be really moisturising, not too heavy on my skin and sinks in nicely. I have seen a difference in my skin since I started using the products every evening and I'm looking forward to seeing the continual results over time. I really like the packaging, it reminds me of the brand Korres. I really liked trying something new, the ingredients are of high quality and I look forward to trying more from the range. Also in the regenerative range is; Dragon’s Blood Regenerative cream, Snail Body Cream, Snail Concentrate Serum and Snail Eye Contour Cream. But they also have other ranges to suit other skin types like the moisturising, anti-aging and expression lines collections.
Will you be adding Beaute Mediterranea into your skincare routine?

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