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Thursday, January 28, 2016


I rarely buy anything from Lush’s main range, but when it comes to their seasonal collections I have to try everything! It seems like their Christmas collection has just left the shops but the Valentines range has been available for a few weeks now. My bathroom is still stocked up on Lush Christmas items, but it’s nice to treat yourself to the Valentines items if you haven’t got someone to treat you. Soon the Mother’s Day and Easter ranges will be hitting the stores, I have seen a few photos and they excite me a lot, but I should really use what I’ve got before treating myself to any more.
The first thing that caught my eye from the collection was the Kiss a few frogs Knot Wrap (£4.50). I must admit I don’t have too many knot wraps, I missed out on the Christmas Snow Angel one but they’re great to store loose Lush items in as online items don’t come in packaging. I love the cute design and the bright neon colours. This knot wrap has been created in partnership with Arthouse Meath and re-wrap. Arthouse Meath is a social enterprise showcasing the talents of those living with severe epilepsy, learning difficulties and physical difficulties, drew the charming design then re-wrap – a women’s co-operative from Mysore, India – provided the fabric.
A release that I tried last year is the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£4.25). This year it has come back slightly different, with added lustre and without the stars. This bubble bar has a relaxing lavender and neroli scent and creates lots of fragrant pink bubbles. I prefer the appearance of last year’s unicorn horn but that bath water is definitely a nicer pastel unicorn colour. I can get about two-three baths out of one unicorn horn.
A new Valentines Bath Bomb is the Lover Lamp Bath Bomb (£3.95). This bath bomb contains fair trade organic cocoa butter so it’s really moisturising on the skin. It has butter hearts which slowly melt and soften you to leave you with silky skin. The scent combines fair trade vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil so it smells just like a chocolate orange. The bath turns a milky colour and the scent lingers on your skin which I really like.
Not a Valentine’s Day exclusive, but one I’ve wanted to try for a while now is the Rose Jam Bubbleroon (3.75). I love the Rose Jam shower gel and I’ve seen a few demonstrations of the giant pink bubbles this product creates so I wanted to try it for myself. I think this is the first bubbleroon I’ve tried, but the design is really cute! This bubbleroon contains; lemon, rose and geranium oil so it will help perk you up as well as containing Fair Trade cocoa and shea butter which leaves your skin feeling and smelling lovely. This is definitely a new favourite and one I will be repurchasing, I will have to try out the other bubbleroons.
I also picked up a 250g bottle of Prince Charming Shower Cream (£9.75) which I haven’t tried before. I really like the scent of this, it contains fresh pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil. It also contains marshmallow root, Fair Trade vanilla pod and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter which softens the skin. I was a bit worried the texture would be as thin as the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream, but this scent is much thicker which is great when you want to foam up the product.
Also in the Valentine's Day collection is a gorgeous looking soap which I didn't pick up called Roses all the way, which is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. They also have The Kiss lip gloss and lip scrub and of course a few lovely looking gift sets, the Lots of Love gift set is just stunning!
What’s your favourite Valentine’s Day Lush product?
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  1. im actually heading to Lush this afternoon so thanks for the heads up on the products! i love buying the seasonal things too :)

    xo Sarah