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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


My last post was all about the Lush products I picked up this year for Valentine’s Day, one of the ones I had to try first was the Lover Lamp Bath Bomb. This bath bomb is not the most exciting to look at, but the red heart shapes in the white bomb are very cute. This bath bomb contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute and Brazilian Orange Oil. Everybody said this one smelt like Chocolate Orange but to me it was very subtle a little bit like Vanilla, maybe I didn’t get a strong scented one. Once the bath bomb hits the water, the bath turns to a milky white shade. At first lots of little red heart confetti comes out of the bomb and then as it dissolves some more three bigger red cocoa butter bath melt hearts come out and float on top of the water. I massaged these into my skin as they took ages to melt. I used the Prince Charming shower gel in my bath as well, which has to be one of my favourite shower creams I have tried from Lush so far. It turns my bath into a pale creamy pink colour which looked lovely. It felt really moisturising on my skin and was like I was in a bath of silk, this would be great on all skin types. It was such a nice bath to relax in, it dissolved really quickly but the hearts made it feel luxurious and reminded me a bit of the Yognog or Star Dust bath bombs from Christmas. It might have been nice if a different colour came out of the middle of it, but I enjoyed it as it is. This ballistic is priced at £3.95 each and I definitely think it’s worth it as you are getting the bath bomb and bath melts in one. I wish I had picked up a few more of these, they’re now out of stock online but I’m sure they will have a little stock left in bigger Lush stores and they still have some of the Valentine's range still online. Hopefully it will return next year! I’m looking forward to the new Easter products coming soon and hitting Lush Oxford Street next week.
What was your favourite product from the Valentines range?

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  1. I can't ever fault Lush bath bombs, they are always great x