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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


When I heard a new Lush Store was opening on Oxford Street I was very excited to see sneak peeks of all the new, exclusive products all over instagram and twitter. As I hadn’t got any plans to visit London, my sister kindly managed to get me a couple of products that were on my wish list. It was also nice for her to pick for me, so I didn't know what I was getting. My Sister picked well as she chose the three most interesting products on my list. The product I was most excited to try was the Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar. This pink and orange flamingo shape on a stick is similar to past bubble bars like the Magic Wand, Bubble Beard and Drummers Drumming where you wave it under the tap or in your bath water to create bubbles. I love how cute this looks, it’s so girly and it been cocktail inspired so it smells really sweet. It's filled with fragrant Rosewood and Ylang Ylang, so it's really relaxing as well. The bubble bar is quite pricey at £5.95, but you do get value for money as this can be used over and over again. The bubble bar creates lots of bubbles and turns the water a lovely shade of pink.
Harriet also picked out for me the Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb. I wanted this one as it looked so unique to anything else I've tried from Lush. It looks just like a flower with a yellow centre and purple petals around the side, this one is priced at £3.50. I really like how this bath bomb floats across the top of the water. It’s main ingredients are Neroli and Jasmine and certainly helps to uplift my mood. This bath bomb fizzes and creates white and purple foam. I really like the sweet, floral scent of this bath bomb. Sacred Lotus left my skin really moisturised and I got out feeling comforted. I'm surprised this managed to stay in one piece, as it's really delicate.
The last product is The Experimenter Bath Bomb which is so unusual. This multi-coloured hexagon was one of the first new products I saw via Instagram and knew I had to try it. It has a combination of colours including; pink, blue, purple, white and gold and the scent just reminds me of bonfire night! It’s main ingredients is Vetivert Oil and creates a smoky aroma. It also contains Tonka and Vanilla Absolute which brings sweetness to the bath. This bath bomb creates amazing colours in the water and quickly turns to every corner. The Experimenter also contains popping candy which you can hear as the bath bomb turns. This bath bomb is priced at £3.75 which I think is good for the size of the bath bomb.
I can't wait to experience the Lush Oxford Street store for myself when I next go down to London and hopefully I will pick up some more treats on my wish list. I'm also really excited to try the Frozen bath bomb, the Yoga Bomb bath bomb and the Intergalactic bath bomb. I also want to try other products from Lush as I always tend to go for bath bombs and bubble bars, I have seen that they have started doing candles! *books train tickets*
Have you visited the new Lush on Oxford Street?
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  1. I absolutely adore LUSH. The closest one to me now is about 2 hours away but when I lived in the city, it was nothing for me to leave there with a shopping bag full. So maybe it is a blessing I'm so far away from one!