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Thursday, July 24, 2014


As you can tell from my skincare posts I’m a big fan of Origins. Some of my favourite products include Vitazing Energy Boosting Moisturiser and Make a Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment. I haven’t really found a product I’ve tried that I haven’t liked; I know the products work well for my skin and are affordable to repurchase.
I have used the Origins Ginzing Face Mask a few times now and have seen great results each time. You apply this for 10 minutes and then tissue it off for refreshed skin. The few times I have applied it I have just left it to absorb into the skin before carrying on with my evening skin care routine. It reminds me of the results of the Ren Glcolactic Radiance Renewal Mask without the mess. It really does brighten, dull and tired skin. It is a cool gel mask with contains coffee beans, cucumber and Hoelen mushroom which energises and awakens the skin and leaves you with a subtle glow. I have also thought about applying this just around the eye area before using the Ginzing Eye Cream to hydrate and improve dark circles. I also think this will work well by putting the tube in the fridge before using to really stimulate the skin.
I have tried all Origins face masks and all of the products in the ever growing Ginzing Range and this one definitely lives up to expectations. If you have dull and blemish prone skin and like to treat it to a weekly pamper, this is the mask for you. It removes dead skin cells and it’s even better if you use the other products in the Ginzing line along with it. It’s priced at £23.00 for 100ml which is the same price as all the other face masks in the line. If you are a face mask junkie like me you will be reaching for this every time you need a quick pick me up.
Have you tried Origins face masks?

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