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Monday, July 21, 2014


Liz Earle Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish Grapefruit& Patchouli, 150ml £19.75 – This is a holy grail product in my stash. I have finished up one of these and have another limited edition from last year still waiting to be opened. I have also purchased this year’s limited edition in orange flower and chamomile. It’s a really moisturising cleanser and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. The grapefruit version is really refreshing and hydrating. I love these limited edition scents, they just give a little something different to the original classic. Would I repurchase? Yes, it’s lovely.
L’oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution, 200ml £4.99 – I tried this product as a change to my normal Bioderma micellar water. I like to use micellar water before going in and fully cleansing my skin. This worked well; it’s a much cheaper version of Bioderma, but there is something that makes me pick the cult product over the drugstore version. Would I repurchase? Probably not.
Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover, 125ml £15.80 – I would recommend this make-up remover to anyone. If you wear heavy eye make-up, eyeliner or waterproof make-up this is great at removing every last bit. It is a bio phase formula which you have to shake to activate. I like to use this after a night out, before cleansing properly. It doesn’t sting the eyes and it’s great for even sensitive eyes. Would I repurchase? Yes, I really enjoy using it.
Bioderma Sebium H20 Micelle Solution, 100ml £4.50 – I decided to try a little bottle of the micelle water version for oily skin, I have to say though I think I prefer the normal formulation. This really helps to cleanse the skin in depth and improve the quality of sebum production. I didn’t find it dried my skin out and I was left feeling fresh. Would I repurchase? Yes, I have but in the original formulation.
Origins Vitazing Energy Boosting Moisturiser, 50ml £29.00 – This is my most repurchased day moisturiser. I love that it’s tinted as it’s great as a base before applying my make-up. It has an SPF of 15 which is great to wear every day. I also like to apply this on no make-up days for a bit of colour. Would I repurchase? Yes, I would never be without it now.
Origins Ginzing Moisturiser, 50ml £23.00 – This is a newer day cream in Origins range. I remember saving up my Boots points to purchase this and I was really impressed with the lightweight, oil-free skin boosting formula. I think I prefer Vitazing which contains a slight tint to the skin, but I like how my skin felt refreshed and was left with a ‘glowing’ look. Read more here. Would I repurchase? Yes, I’m really enjoying the Ginzing range.
Origins Ginzing Eye Cream, 15ml £23.00 – I love this eye cream, this sits alongside the moisturiser, its really moisturising and brightening on the skin. I would pick this as my day eye cream, it is a little heavy under make-up but it does get rid of darkness underneath my eyes. My skin looks less tired and it claims to reduce 80% of puffiness. Read more here. Would I repurchase? Yes, this was just a samples size, so would definitely purchase the full-size.
Origins Make A Difference Pus+ Rejuvenating Treatment Gel, 50ml £34.50 – This is my favourite night moisturiser and one of my favourite products from Origins. Can you tell I like Origins skincare? I like to apply this on trouble areas and it improves my skin in no time. I like the treatment version as it’s more of a gel formula suited to oily skin. Would I repurchase? Yes, always.
Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream, 14.2g £25.50 – Another little sample pot, this eye cream helps to fade dark circles and help smooth fine lines for firmer looking skin. I have been very impressed with what I’ve tried from Benefit skincare so far. Would I repurchase? Yes, I would definitely use this again.
Benefit Total Moisture Face Cream, 48.2g £28.50 – I liked using this face cream, but I think it would work better on dry skin types. When I used this my skin was hydrated and my complexion was completely refreshed. It contains mango butter to provide moisture, which made the product smell really nice. Would I repurchase? Probably not, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try other products from the range.
Clarins Daily Energiser Wake-up Booster, 125ml £14.50 - I received this sample size in a Daily Energiser ‘try-me’ set. I liked to use this in the morning as it really helped to awaken the skin and get my skin prepped ready for make-up. I really do like the Daily Energiser range and would like to try more from Clarins skincare. Would I repurchase? Yes, If I was looking for a toner I would check out the Clarins range.
Dermologica Clean Start Purifying Toner, 120ml £13.00 – I received this product in a little tester set from Glossybox. This toner is great for oily skin and blemishes. I like that it comes in a spray bottle as this means you can spray it straight on to the area or on to a cotton pad. I really like the citrus scent and it does feel like it’s doing something good on your skin and controls breakouts. Would I repurchase? Yes, this was my favourite part of the set.
Indeed Labs Hydraloron Moisture Boosting Facial Serum, 30ml £24.99 – As you can see I’ve gone through two tubes of this. I love to apply this serum at night before moisturising, it really helps to plump the skin and give extra moisture. As I have run out of the serum, I am now using the new moisture jelly from the range. I bought the small travel sized hydraloron in a set with two other Indeed Labs serums – this is great for travelling and lets you try other products from the range before committing to the full-size. Would I repurchase? Yes I need to.
Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Head, £21.00 – The deep pore brush head is great for oily skin, my skin feels like it’s had a deep cleanse after using it. This brush head has to be my favourite from the range but I have seen that they have introduced a cashmere range which I’m guessing feels luxurious on the skin, so I’m eager to try that. It really helps to decongest my skin and pores are definitely decreased in size. Would I repurchase? Yes, I certainly would.
I have also gone through various packs of face wipes through the months, brands include; Soap & Glory, Boots N07, Simple, Amie and Yes to Cucumbers. My favourites have to be the Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes, £4.50 – they smell really fruity and exfoliate at the same time. I like to use face wipes if I’m in a rush or if I need to touch up, but I don’t like to use them all the time as they are not the best for your skin. They are also great for travelling and handy to throw in your bag.
Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. So many products that I love here, I found the benefit face products are ok, but not as good as the hype they got, and I am desperate to try some Origins products, they seem so good!